Minister Jakov Milatović talked with representatives of the German Business Club (DMW) about joint projects and investments of German companies in Montenegro

Minister Jakov Milatović met yesterday with the Ambassador of Germany to Montenegro, Robert Weber, and representatives of the newly established German Business Club (DMW). The topics of the meeting were joint projects and investments of German companies in Montenegro.

In the conversation, the Minister pointed out that the relations between Montenegro and Germany are at a high level and friendly, which is a good and solid basis for further improvement and even stronger development of economic cooperation, and that one of the most important tasks of this Government is to improve the rule of law economic growth, and together they form a precondition for attracting investment.

“Germans are considered credible investors who bring with them a multitude of benefits for the country in which they operate, including know-how and the world’s best business standards.”

Milatović expressed his belief that the establishment of this German club will intensify bilateral economic relations with Germany and be a better connection with the EU, and said that they have a partner in this Government.

On behalf of the German Club, the Minister was greeted by Milan Marić, who stated that the goal of the association is to attract as much investment as possible from Germany to Montenegro, which will further improve the cooperation between the two countries, and that this is just the beginning.

The interlocutors agreed that after the pandemic, the economy should find a way to be sustainable and that German investors will adjust accordingly.

German Ambassador to Montenegro Robert Weber, who is also an advisory honorary member of the Board of Directors of this club, thanked the Minister for his presence and said that the Government of Montenegro gave a strong signal that German investors are welcome and wants to improve cooperation with Germany.

“For the past 3 years, we have not had as many German companies in Montenegro as we have in the last 3 months,” said the ambassador, adding that the German Business Club is a good link with potential investors in Germany and will promote Montenegro in the best possible way.

In the continuation of the meeting, Minister Milatović answered the questions of the club’s representatives that concerned current topics, especially in the field of economy and investments.

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