1.1 Members. Members may be companies: (patron members, corporate members, business members, non-resident members), individual members, non-profit members, diplomats and honorary members. Company members, individual members and non-profit members, that pay their obligations to DMW on time, have the right to attend and vote at all sessions of the General Assembly. Non-voting members do not have the right to vote at any session of the General Assembly but may vote at committee meetings and may chair committees. Non-voting members are non-resident members, diplomats and honorary members. A specific membership policy shall be developed by the executive office and approved by the Board of Directors to regulate membership issues. The membership policy shall include a description and criteria for each category of membership, in accordance with these Articles of Association.
1.2 Members-Companies. The following types of companies can be members like this:
• 1.2.1 Entities constituted or organized under the laws of Germany including, without limitation, corporations, limited liability companies, funds, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, entrepreneurs, joint ventures, associations, or other organizations (each of which is a “German company ”) with an accredited office in Montenegro;
• 1.2.2 German companies that are in the process of registration in Montenegro;
• 1.2.3 German companies with receivables and investment capital in Montenegro;
• 1.2.4 Montenegrin legal entities with which a German company or a German citizen has receivables, investments or shares;
• 1.2.5 Entities acting as agents or otherwise representing German companies;
• 1.2.6 Legal entities (companies or individuals) from any country with significant business interests in Germany or Montenegro;
• 1.2.7 Montenegrin legal entities that have or plan significant business relationships with DMW members
• 1.2.8 Non-resident legal entities without local registration that do not have receivables or investments in shares in Montenegro, but have or plan significant business relationships with DMW members.
1.3 Individual members. The following individuals may be individual members:
• 1.3.1 Any German citizen who has or plans to have significant business relationships with DMW members who is not a partner in a company that could be classified as a corporate member;
• 1.3.2 Any citizen of Montenegro who has or plans to have significant business relationships with DMW members
1.4 Non-profit members. Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including any individual acting as an agent, or otherwise representing a German company or non-profit organization organized by Germany, in the state of Montenegro, which could not qualify as a corporate member.
1.5 Honorary members. The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, designate entities and individuals as honorary members.
1.5.1 Honorary members are appointed by anonymous voting of the Board of Directors.
• 1.5.2 Honorary members may not hold an elective position and are not authorized to vote at DMW General Assembly sessions.
• 1.5.3 Honorary members do not pay an annual membership fee.
• 1.5.4 The German Ambassador to Montenegro will be the Honorary President of DMW. In addition, the Head of the Economic Sector at the German Embassy as well as the Senior Economic Adviser responsible for Montenegro are considered honorary members of the DMW.
1.6 Diplomats. Persons who hold diplomatic functions and who are accredited as diplomats by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro. Previously mentioned provisions on honorary members also apply to diplomats.
1.7 Others. Any other type of members for which the Board of Directors decides by a majority vote that they may be members of the DMW.
1.8 Activities of members. The Board of Directors may, at its sole discretion, determine which category or categories of membership listed in Sections 1.2 to 1.7 may be invited to attend certain DMW activities or events.
1.9 Membership fees and allowances. The Board of Directors proposes membership fees and fees to be paid for membership and to be revised at the end of each calendar year. The General Assembly decides by a majority vote whether to accept the proposals of the Management Board. All collected membership fees and charges will be used to cover DMW costs. Membership fees and fees may vary depending on the type and size of the member. Membership fees and allowances will not be refunded to any member whose membership has been terminated. The member shall remain liable for any outstanding liability to DMW. Membership fees for each calendar year for each existing member are due for payment within 30 days from the date of issuance of the invoice.
Membership fees for legal entities that become members of DMW in Montenegro during the year shall be calculated in proportion to the rest of the year at the time when membership began. So, for each started month of DMW membership, the new member shall pay 1/12 of the annual membership fee.
1.10 Admission to membership: To become a member, the candidate must submit an application, the form of which shall be approved by the executive office. The Board of Directors must review the application according to the rules of membership policy, and decide by a majority vote whether to accept that candidate for membership. It is not necessary to state the reason for the decision. An appeal against such a decision may be filed with the General Assembly, which may annul the decision of the Board of Directors with 75% of the votes of the members present and voting at that General Assembly. All candidates approved by DMW shall be informed in writing of the decision of the Board of Directors. Once recognized as a member, each company shall receive an invoice for the annual membership fee due for payment within 30 days of issuing the invoice. Membership shall be considered valid and shall start from the day of payment of the due invoice.
1.11 Termination of membership. Membership may be terminated by termination, voluntary resignation or expulsion.
• 1.11.1 Termination.
• Membership shall be terminated if members no longer qualify for membership in accordance with sections 1.2-1.7.
• Membership of legal entities shall be terminated if the member loses the status of legal entity.
• The membership of individual members shall end with their death.
• 1.11.2 Voluntary resignation.
• Members may voluntarily resign from membership by submitting a letter of resignation to the Board of Directors or the Executive Director. The resignation shall take effect immediately upon receipt of the notice. Proportional refund of any membership fee that has already been paid shall not be possible.
• 1.11.3 Shutdown.
• The Board of Directors may expel a member if they are in arrears with the payment of membership fees or any other compensation for more than three months. Liability for unpaid membership fees does not end with exclusion. Exclusion of a member for non-payment of compensation shall become effective upon written notice to all members. The exclusion under these circumstances does not have to follow the procedures described in section
• A DMW may expel a member for negligence, dishonest conduct, or because continued membership is considered detrimental to the DMW. Such exclusions should follow recommendations from the Board of Directors.
• 1.11.4 Rights and obligations of members
• All DMW members who have settled their obligations to the DMW shall have right to attend and vote at the DMW General Assembly.
• Upon written request, a member may obtain a letter from the Executive Director confirming that the member has settled their obligations to DMW.
• DMW members are entitled to all benefits arising from DMW activities.
• DMW members shall pay membership fees in a timely manner and to comply with the DMW Statutes and Policies.