Đukanović awarded Weber with the Order of the Montenegrin flag of the second class

The President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, received German Ambassador Robert Weber on a farewell visit and on that occasion awarded him with a high state award, the Order of the Montenegrin Flag of the Second Class, which is awarded for special services to Montenegro.

Đukanović, as announced by his Cabinet, expressed great respect for Ambassador Weber’s contribution to the improvement of interstate cooperation and the further strengthening of trust and friendship between the two countries. Likewise, for professionalism and openness to understand the needs and ambitions of citizens and European Montenegro and the needs of our country during the pandemic.

“With the assessment that we both have reason to be proud of the improvement of cooperation in the field of culture, he assessed that during Weber’s mandate, good foundations were laid for the improvement of business cooperation, including the formation of the German Business Club association. He also thanked the ambassador for his dedicated diplomatic engagement, which marked a visible degree of communication between the two countries at the highest political level, which is another reason for evaluating the extremely successful mandate that raised the relations between Montenegro and Germany to a higher level,” the statement said.

Weber thanked Đukanović for the high recognition, stressing that he was honored by this act.

He emphasized that it is no secret that he loves Montenegro, and that he worked with great pleasure for the good of Montenegro and interstate relations during his diplomatic mission, which was marked by four politically interesting and intense years and bilateral relations, he said that the mandate ends with a feeling great friendship and hospitality of Montenegrins and Montenegrins.

“I have never been a stranger in Montenegro, but a welcome one, and I will remain personally committed to Montenegro,” said Weber.

Đukanović and Weber continued their conversation on current internal, regional and European issues over lunch, which the president prepared in his honor.

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