DMW – Proposal: Energy Tourists to overwinter in Montenegro for up to 180 days

Proposal: Energy Tourists to overwinter in Montenegro for up to 180 days

A)    Opportunity:

The “German-Montenegrin Business Club” recognizes the interest of in particular northern European nationals to overwinter in milder climates in order to safe on the highly increased cost of energy within the EU. For Montenegro this is an opportunity to attract so called Energy Tourists during the off-season.

However, the Law on Foreigners generally limits the granting of tourist visa (C-Visa) to 90 days (Art. 17 Law on Foreigners). Accordingly, the visa-free stay of EU nationals is limited to 90 days (Art. 1 Regulation on Visa Regime).

B)    Proposal:

Art. 28 of the Law on Foreigners allows for C-Visa to be extended by the local police departments for inter alia humanitarian reasons, following an application of the foreigner before the expiry of the 90 days term. As a fast and ready solution, we propose that the Ministry of Interiorby sub-legal regulation or administrative order – instructs the police to extend the C Visa for up to 180 days in total, in each case the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant states its motivation to remain in Montenegro in order to reduce overall energy consumption (“humanitarian reason”).
  • The applicant can proof a reservation with a legally registered accommodation or a rental agreement verified by a public notary for the additional term of its intended stay.
  • The applicant proofs its sufficient means of existence for the extended time period (bank deposit as required from temporary residents).

C)    Advantages for Montenegro:

  • EU Contribution –The Government can mark the admission of energy tourists is a valid contribution by Montenegro to tackle the pending energy crisis within the EU. Namely the northern EU member states will partially be relieved from securing sufficient energy supply for their citizens during the winter.
  • Support of Local Tourism – The acceptance of Energy Tourists will foster Montenegrin off-season tourism.
  • Easy ImplementationNo law needs to be changed. A sub-legal regulation or administrative order by the Ministry of Interior can define the application of Article 28 of the Law on Foreigners.
  • Flexibility – The measure may be revoked at any time.
  • No Costs – The solution comes at zero cost for the state and the taxpayer.

prepared by the Committee on Tourism and Business Environment of the DMW.

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