Area of covering


• Presentation, presentation and dissemination of common views of members on issues related to doing business in Montenegro;
• Development and maintenance of relations with business clubs, chambers of commerce and economic organizations in the country and abroad;
• Gathering, creating and disseminating information that will help DMW achieve its goal;
• Organizing seminars and other functions that will help DMW achieve its goal;
• Meetings with German and Montenegrin officials and business people to protect the interests of DMW members;
• Involvement in other activities, without restrictions, which are realistically expected to help DMW achieve its goal, and which are in line with the obligations and limitations of the relevant regulations in Montenegro;
• Striving for constructive solutions to trade and economic problems concerning German-Montenegrin business relations;
• Professional development of members
• Informing members about amendments to relevant laws, enactment of new laws and bylaws and innovations in legislation
• Achieving cooperation and stronger connections between members
• Raising the quality of business relations
• Nurturing good business practices and business ethics
• Protecting the interests of its members
• Providing information on investment opportunities in Montenegro
• Establishing contacts and establishing cooperation with state authorities in Montenegro, in order to improve conditions for foreign investment and business
• Cooperation with other legal and natural persons and state bodies on the design and implementation of projects that are in line with the goals of DMW.