Annual Assembly of German – Montenegrin Business Club

In accordance with the Statute of the German – Montenegrin Business Club – DMW, the annual session of the Assembly of Association was held on March 24th 2023, in hotel “AMI”, Petrovac.

The Assembly was chaired by Mr. Milan Marić, President of the Assembly of the German-Montenegrin Business Club. In his introductory speech he greeted all participants and asked them if they agreed with the Agenda. It was stated that the number of existing members is 26, and present members was 9 (nine), which achieved a legitimate quorum in accordance with Article 13 of the Statute and Agenda was confirmed.

At the beginning H.E. Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Peter Felten addressed to the participants. In his speech he emphasized importance of German – Montenegrin Business Club in improving of German and Montenegrin economic relationship. DMW should give the strong voice in the name of its members. German Embassy will continue to support activities of the Club including cooperation of the Club with other business association in Montenegro and abroad.

Ambassador Felten’s introductory speech was followed by an address to the participants given by Ms. Aleksandra Popović, President of the Board of Directors and President of the Association. She thanked Ambassador Felten for the economic picture and perspective of Montenegro given in his presentation, as well as for the expressed support for theClub’s activities. Ms. Popovic thanked the present members for participating in the session of Assembly and emphasized the importance of joint meetings and initiatives expected from members. She pointed that presented Work Plan is ambitious, having in mind limited budget of Association, but with cooperation among all members and with activities through two Committees, should be achievable.

After a detailed presentation of all items on the agenda, made by Mr. Maric, Annual report with financial report of the Association for 2022, Work Plan with Financial Plan of the Association for 2023, Decision on the amount of the membership fee, Amendments to the Articles of Association and Decision on the appointment of Dr. Robert Weber for honorary member were unanimously voted by all of the present members.

Mr. Rudiger Berndt, Executive Director of IDABUS and Chairman of the Innovation, Technology and Logistics Committee, presented the committee’s work and planned activities.

After the official part of the Assembly, with courtesy of Ljetopis Automotive LTD a lunch was organized, which was attended by members and friends of the German – Montenegrin Business Club.
DMW Club would like to express its appreciation to Ljetopis Automotive LTD for hosting and organizing the Assembly and accompanying event.

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