A regular annual session of the DMW Assembly

In accordance with the Statute of the German Business Club in Montenegro (DMW), March 16, 2022. the regular annual session of the Assembly of this Association was held in the hotel “Ramada”, hall “Lesendro”. The Assembly was chaired by Mr. Milan Marić, President of the Assembly of the German Business Club in Montenegro. At the beginning, it was stated that the number of present members was 14 (fourteen), which achieved a legitimate quorum in accordance with Article 12 of the Statute.

After a detailed presentation of all items on the agenda, the report on the work for 2021 was voted by a majority vote of the present members, as well as the plan and program of work of the Association for 2022. The members also supported by a majority of votes the proposal to amend the existing statute and the proposals to initiate activities for the election of the secretary of the association, as well as the establishment of a committee for finance and legislation. In addition to the above, the attendees were also introduced to the personnel change concerning one of the founders of the German Business Club in Montenegro, and the new authorized representative of Crnogorski Telekom AD. Podgorica, in whose place Mr. was appointed. Stjepan Udovicic, Executive Director of Crnogorski Telekom, which was also positively accepted by the present members of the DMW Assembly session.

After the official part of the Assembly, a cocktail party was organized, which was attended by members and friends of the German Business Club in Montenegro.

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