Njemački poslovni klub u Crnoj Gori Deutsch – Montenegrinischer Wirtschaftsclub Njemački poslovni klub u Crnoj Gori Deutsch – Montenegrinischer Wirtschaftsclub

What We Do

Our goals

• Providing assistance to German companies and stakeholders in order to realize their economic activity in Montenegro
• By attracting a larger number of German and other foreign investments, improving the business environment in Montenegro
• Increasing economic activity in Montenegro through cooperation between local and German companies

Area of covering

• raising the quality of business relations through respect for good business practices, business morals and protection of the interests of its members
• provide information on investment opportunities in Montenegro and legislation
• presentation of common views of members on issues related to doing business in Montenegro



• companies
• individual members
• non-profit members
• diplomats
• honorary members
• others


  • First Governing Board session in 2024

    On 18th January First session of Governing Board of the German Montenegrin Business Club for 2024 was held. The meeting was led by the club’s president and president of the Governing Board, Mr. Martin Leberle. The future activities of the Club in 2024, communication within membership, cooperation with other business associations in the country and

    January 19, 2024
  • Meeting with Atlantic Council in Montenegro

    The newly elected president of the German-Montenegrin Business Club, Mr. Martin Leberle, met with the President of the Atlantic Council in Montenegro, Mrs. Milica Pejanovic Djurisic. In addition to Mr. Leberle, the meeting was attended by Mr. Maric, president of the Assembly and Mr. Uljarevic, a member of the Club’s Governing Board. The objectives and

    December 12, 2023
  • The German – Montenegrin Business Club expanded the Governing Board with two new members and elected a new president of the Club

    At the Extraordinary Assembly of the Association, which was held on December 11, 2023, the German-Montenegrin Business Club appointed two new members of the Board of Directors, thereby expanding the existing board from five to a total of seven members. Martin Leberle, (NLB Bank) and Wolfram Zeihe, (Law Office Prelevic) were elected as new members.

    December 11, 2023
  • “Happy Hour” event

    Gathering of the German-Montenegrin Business Club members was the opportunity for networking and sharing  ideas with representatives of business community. We would like to express our gratitude to HE Ambassador Peter Felten for his great support in our activities. We will continue our efforts to make German – Montenegrin cooperation stronger.

    September 25, 2023



Title Activity Entrance
Lovćen Banka AD Bank Founder
Crnogorski Telekom AD Telecommunication Founder
Dhl - društvo za međunarodni vazdušni ekspres "Kingscliffe distribution montenegro" DOO Shipping company Founder
Axians Montenegro IT services and solutions Founder
Željko Uljarević Founder
Njemački Dom Crne Gore / Deutsches Haus Montenegro Honorary member
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Honorary member
Brskovo Mine doo Industry 06. Dec 2023.
NTC Logistics doo Logistics services 19. Oct 2023.
Advokatska kancelarija Jovovic Mugosa i Vukovic Legal advice and services 28. Jun 2023.
NLB BANKA AD Podgorica Bank
LIDL Crna Gora DOO Buying and selling of own real estate 15. Feb 2023.
KB Consulting Business and Financial consulting 06. Dec 2022.
ETG Grupa, Podgorica Engineering activities and technical consultancy 21. Jun 2022.
Fachwelt Verlag Publishing house for specialized media 12. Dec 2021.
IDABUS DOO – Oxford Computer Group GmbH Software solutions 12. Dec 2021.
M.S.E. GmbH Customer-specific solutions for advanced microelectronics 12. Dec 2021.
“Mikro gruppa Montenegro DOO Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories 12. Dec 2021.
“Volker Zeh Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Germany 12. Dec 2021.
“Farmegra DOO Cater for medical supply to the Pharmaceutical sector of Montenegro 12. Dec 2021.
“Monolith OST GMBH Import and distribution 12. Dec 2021.
“Voith Hydro Voith Hydro in the US is a full-line supplier of hydropower equipment and services 12. Dec 2021.
“BAJIĆ GBB O.D Research, development, marketing, engineering and manufacturing 28. Oct 2021.
“Militzer & Muench” DOO Militzer & Münch offers worldwide air and sea freight services as well as road and rail transports and project logistics. 27. Oct 2021.
“Ljetopis Automotive” DOO Maintenance, repair and complete service of travel, van and cargo motor vehicles, sale of spare parts, sale of consumer goods, provision of rent-a-car services 20. May 2021.
Knauf d.o.o. Podgorica Foreign and domestic trade in construction materials 20. May 2021.
Was-impex Co Doo Production of furniture and interiors, execution of works with geosynthetic materials of the manufacturer NAUE, which he represents 20. May 2021.
TV Vijesti doo Production and broadcasting of television program 10. jun 2021.
Prelevic Law Firm Legal advice and services 20. May 2021.
Karanovic & Partners Law Office Legal advice and services 10. Jun 2021.
AOD Durutović, Vuksanović & Kraljević Legal advice and services 10. Jun 2021.
Michael R. Bader Tourism (apartment rental) 20. May 2021.
Advokat Saša Vujačić Legal advice and services 20. May 2021.

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